Miss Bindikat, Melbourne (Winner of the June 2019 newsletter competition)

Miss Bindikat's canes

I hope you're well, and thank you for the delicious opportunity to have your cane in my hand. I've attached some images from the last purchase I made. By the way, I am thoroughly enjoying using your canes on slaves bottoms, and in training. Be well. (Photo courtesy of Miss Bindikat)


C, Canberra (May 2019)


My new cane arrived yesterday. Very impressive and beautifully crafted. I look forward to using it for the first time this weekend.




Private Admirer, USA (May 2019)

Sugi Spanking Paddle

Thank you for shipping the gorgeous paddle. It's really stunning, and quite fragrant (Japanese figured cedar)! The finish is so beautiful. It's like a fine heirloom but new. I can't wait to get another gorgeous paddle from you!



David H, Sydney (April 2019)

Purpleheart spanking paddle and rattan cane set

A pleasure to do business with. The craftmanship is only matched by the passion, warmth and experience emanating from Emmjay's words. Love our purpleheart paddle and canes with purpleheart features and will not hesitate to recommend Emmjay to any other enthusiast or practitioner alike.


Hallows Eve, Sydney (2014)

Hallows Eve's paddle. Brazilwood with brass lined holes

Dear MissEmm, I fell in love with one of your Paddles

So I have been meaning to write this for over a year. Every time I tried I would shy away not wanting to expose the fact I have emotions to the web.

Years ago I had a very good friend come to me and say he wanted to show me this idea he had. So interested in what he could have cooked up I told him to come over and show me.

From a bag he had wrapped in a sheet what were the prototypes of his amazing wooden paddles. I remember asking what woods they were and picking them up and and going into detail on which ones I liked and which I didn't and why. I remember him asking if I thought anyone would want them. At the time he didn't know I was already eyeing off half the collection.

So off he went with this idea, he showed many more people absorbing ideas and feedback. They went on a test run to a party for more user feedback. From here he took a leap of faith someone would love these creations as much as he did. Only that wasn't enough, he wanted to make them stylish, a talking piece, something you wanted to show off. It became more than a paddle it was now a work of art that just happened to kiss many a bottom.

As the interest grew so did his need to make something new something different. So the cane with a piece of wood set into the handle was born. Making the humble cane something just a little different and soooo much easier to hold for long periods of time.

As these items found new loving homes others took their place. New themes, new ideas, new ways of turning the plain wooden paddle into it's own style. They are to the point now I have had people come up to me naming the maker after seeing a paddle; his style can spotted across the dungeon room.

One day I was over doing a little window shopping and in the pile of half finished paddles was something that caught my eye. It wasn't a paddle I was normally drawn to, yet the colours made me pick it up. Nothing had felt so right as that handle, the look, the feel...this was made for me. In my head I was walking out that door with it and no one was going to stop me.

As the time it wasn't finished. I was ok with it staying but I wasn't giving up, it went overseas, I was mostly ok with that as it never got sold. I had this crazy need to have this paddle because to me it was something special.

This paddle for me wasn't just a work of art, it was a statement of how far my friend had come, how much work and love had gone into each creation. It showed me that while I kept thinking he was peaking and could do no better he would just bring out something new. It humbled me as it showed with a little focus and a lot of passion you can make a moment in time with a piece of wood.

So I wrote to my friend and I told him how much it meant to me, I went on to explain why I thought I would be a good home for this creation. I wanted to keep that moment, I wanted to be able to show people something I saw as a work of art that my friend made.

I wanted one of his milestones.


Mistress Tara, Sydney (extract from her newsletter, 2012)

My new Malaysian Rosewood Paddle

When you play as much as I do, things break once in awhile, and so not long ago my beloved wooden paddle broke. Don't ask me how, I have no idea ;-) But I do know how much some of you enjoy specifically a wooden paddle; they feel different from a leather or rubber paddle.

So time to find a new one to add to my collection.

Amazingly, it turned out to be quite difficult to find one. I searched all of the major BDSM retailers and none of them had what I was looking for. Obviously I can order them overseas but a paddle needs to be held, and felt. The weight and finish of a paddle is important and buying from a picture just did not do it for me.

After searching and asking around, I found a local (Sydney) craftsman named Emmjay who makes the most amazing paddles. All of his pieces are made with love and care and it shows. There were so many to choose from, each individual and with it’s own story. However difficult I managed to make a choice.

My new paddle is made out of a solid single piece of Malaysian Rosewood, showing red heartwood and beige sapwood. It's big, it's heavy and packs a punch.

I also acquired something else, but more about that piece in my next newsletter.

Happy paddling!

Mistress Tara