Laotian Rosewood

With a high gloss finish over highly figured timber this little paddle will really shine in more ways than one. Why the extra hole at the top of the handle?  …why not!

Flawed Beauty

Making the most of nature’s imperfections, this little paddle features a natural bark flaw in the handle, highlighted by brass dots. The blade has a silky smooth texture, perfect for caressing… before or after the spanking.

Cleaver No.1

A compact and weighty paddle with some butcher inspired styling! The yellow ‘blade’ is the sapwood from the outer part of the tree.

The Big Chopper

A big paddle with the hint of a knife shaped blade, it will provide more sting than thud.

Glossy Sassy

Very long, not too heavy, and with a handle that fits firmly in even the largest of hands, this paddle is perfect for those extended sessions. It has a very glossy finish.

Little Fish

A compact paddle with a wandering line of aluminium dots on one side, and a striking grain pattern running along the blade. Made from West African Wenge, its small size belies its capacity for some serious spanking.

Very Sassy

This paddle is large, light and creates a beautiful sound with every impact.

Tasmanian Blackwood

A long but lightweight paddle, with brass details highlighting the natural grain features of the timber.

The Dark Sword

African Wenge in a classic sword shaped paddle.

The little chopper

Dark in colour, light in weight, bold in style.