Twisted lines in Purple

A Purpleheart paddle with beautifully contrasting Huon Pine lines running from tip to toe. it may be sensuous in appearance, but it can still impart a serious spanking.

The Gothic Arch

Inspired by the classic geometry of Gothic architecture, and radiating with colour as only Purpleheart can, this paddle will make a statement like no other.

Australian Red Cedar

One of the lightest paddles I have created, perfect for a little light spanking.

Four lines

Australian Rosewood, with four inlaid timber lines, and ridges on one side of the blade.

The Big Gidgee

At more three times the weight of some small paddles, you’ll need a strong arm to wield this hefty piece of rare Ringed Gidgee. Perfect for those who like a seriously heavy spanking.

Wenge Chopper

The tapered and hole filled blade of this paddle puts most of the weight towards the handle, giving it a very light feel.

Cleaver No.2

Fancy some knife play without the sharp edges?

The Sword of Budgeroo

A light weight paddle with smooth flowing lines, perfect for paddling, prodding, poking…

The Classic

A classic paddle design in a classic Australian hardwood.

Another Little Fish

Flowing curves and a silky smooth surface… both giving and receiving a spanking should be a sensual sensory experience.