A nice big paddle with grooves on one face. The edges of the grooves are gently rounded for a slightly subtle but still stingy sensation.

The Big Red Chopper

Just the thing for a bit of kink in the kitchen. This paddle will give a full firm whack, and leave a nice red reminder of its presence.

Cleaver in Cedar

A light weight cleaver in Mackay Cedar.


For those who like to hold something a little bit shiny… There are hundreds of brass dots covering the entire handle of this otherwise quite traditional paddle.


Long, thin, with ridges on one side and inlaid Wenge lines running from handle to tip. Once you’ve finished paddling, you can run the ridges gently over the skin for a very sensual effect.

X Marks the Studs

Leave your mark with this compact Black Palm paddle with stainless steel studs on one face of the blade.

Big Red

It’s big, it’s red, it’s just the toy to leave big red reminders of it’s presence.

Silky Oak

Silky smooth to touch, and perfect for transforming a silky smooth derriere into a glowing red behind.

Huon Pine and Twisted Lines

A long but light Huon Pine paddle with twisted lines of contrasting timbers.

The Shark’s Tooth

Looks can be deceiving. When used normally like a paddle the Shark’s Tooth feels like a normal paddle. By running the teeth forwards across the skin you will feel a gentle rippling massage. But by pulling the teeth back the shark’s tooth will really start to live up to its name.