The Striper

The perfect tool with which to leave some serious stripes.


A cane with a striped timber handle that is sure to leave some nice stripes of its own.

African Padauk

A very lightweight little cane with an slightly flattened shaft that slightly reduces its sting. Perfect for repeated light tapping.

Laotian Rosewood

A long cane with a nice light feel. The Rosewood won’t be the only thing that’s rosy when this cane is put to good use.


Timber names don’t get any more Australian than Budgeroo. A quirky handle shape gives this cane an unusual look, but it will still impart a textbook sting.

Spotted Gum

A whippy little cane with a handle that tapers to  a thin wedge shape at the end.

Spotted Gum

A shortish medium thickness cane with the classic MissEmm handle shape and a light feel.