panes… a little bit of paddle, a little bit of cane

When I first got hold of some larger rattan cane I soon realised it was too thick to use as a cane, unless you’re looking for something resembling a tree branch. But I had an idea. What about making it into a flat cane, so that it would flex enough in one direction to give much of the sensation of using a cane to both the caner and the canee, whilst being wide enough to reduce the sharp stingy feeling usually associated with canes.

Panes are held in essentially the same manner as a cane, but used more like a paddle. If anything they are easier to use than a cane because they don’t flex from side to side, making it easier to hit your intended target. Being much lighter than a paddle they are also ideal for extended use.

I have made panes from 15 to 45mm wide and from 450mm to one metre long. There is plenty of scope for variation in panes, and I have a few new ideas yet to see the light of day that should further spark the interest of those seeking an implement that provides a different physical sensation.